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Acropolis of Athens

Our investment philosophy pillars:

Flexibility | Consistency |
Market Inefficiency | Specialization | Bottom-Up Analysis | Value


Growth finance in Greece


Three equally important factors qualify the need for growth finance in Greece:

  • Improved macroeconomic, regulatory, and legal framework in Greece which allows for strong growth, even in a difficult global market environment

  • The region is underserved by traditional lenders. Despite that bank lending activity has increased the Greek low-mid-SMEs are starved for credit, therefore opening space for alternative capital providers

  • A funding gap resulting from a limited number of dedicated non-bank providers of non-equity term finance for growing companies

Need for Growth


Flexible investment structure


Senior/Subordinated debt with equity upside


  • Mid-term flexible debt

  • Moderate cash burden on the company

  • Flexible repayment at maturity/exit

  • Alignment of interest with shareholders through equity upside


We tend to utilise instruments such as convertible bonds, profit participation bonds, preference shares, options & warrants


Positioned across the Capital Structure excl. equity





An alternative to senior debt or private equity for SMEs seeking growth capital.


Creditor protection in the form of senior secured notes, subordinated notes or preferred stock



Active portfolio management and board observation rights


Debt structures/recurring income/equity upside

  • Current interest income

  • Participation in the economic value of the borrower at exit via warrants and equity co-investments

  • Put option to structure liquidity events for Elbridge Capital


Structure designed to protect principal, while allowing for upside with a strong focus on cash flow characteristics

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Sectors & Uses of our capital

We are firm believers in adding value. The sectors we cover are therefore a combination of where best opportunities are in our view, but equally importantly, where our industry knowledge and deal experience reside

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

  • Consumer Goods

  • Hospitality

  • ICT

  • Environment

You may be looking for development capital or funds to finance a Capex programme, or to make an acquisition


You may be looking to fund a buy-out or to consolidate your regional market or maybe expand into a new one, organically or through acquisition, we have the relevant experience to help. We can help with the funding and the expertise to navigate the next part of your business’s journey

Value creation

By embracing certain key principles and incorporating them at various levels of our business processes, we advocate for sound corporate governance and sustainable business practices that result in responsible long-term value creation for our investors and portfolio companies

Elbridge takes environmental, social and corporate governance issues very seriously in order to achieve a positive impact via its operations and sustainable investment returns. Elbridge Capital strives to be a progressive, responsible investor and employer, enabling positive changes with stakeholders and leading by example. We are firm believers that responsible investing is beneficial for our investors, our investee companies, and the world we all live in

What we do:

  • Include ESG considerations into investment analysis and decision-making, ensuring full compliance with our high standards

  • We are committed to act in good faith and build trust in all business relationships

  • Ensure that best practice governance standards are followed in all corporate bodies

  • Act as a responsible steward of investor’s capital and investee companies’ businesses

  • We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do and uphold the highest standards of professionalism

  • We seek to adopt and implement environmentally sound policies in our investee companies

  • Supporting the wider communities in which we operate is very important to us

  • Promote acceptance and implementation of ESG policies within the wider investment industry

Value creation
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