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Your Business

You run a well-established and growing business

  • Your business has a proven competitive advantage and can generate annual revenues of at least EUR 1m

  • You are based in Greece

  • You are looking for EUR 0.25-4.5m of funding from a long-term partner that will help accelerate the growth of your business, and does not require you to dilute your control

We have a generalist approach and can provide extensive expertise in a variety of sectors

Financial Reports
Bespoke approach

Bespoke approach

Every opportunity is different, and so is our approach

We create a tailored and innovative solution for each partnership instead of offering an off-the-shelf product.


Our investment can be standalone or alongside a financial sponsor. By taking a minority stake we ensure our interests remain aligned, with you retaining control.


The investments could  be structured through the full range of quasi-equity instruments including profit-participating bonds, convertible bonds, and preference shares.

Partnership takes time - Investment process

Please be in touch to tell us about your business.


We will then spend a few weeks getting to know your business better. If both sides feel it is worth progressing, we will do some in-depth research into your firm to determine how we can proceed. This process can take a month or two – it is important to take the time to get it right.

Investment Process.png
Investment Process

What We Like

  •  Manufacturing (excluding heavy industries)

  •  Consumer Goods

  •  Healthcare

  •  Hospitality

  •  Proven information technology

  •  Established businesses (sales in excess of EUR 1 million)

  •  Clear & sustainable competitive advantage

  •  Management track-record - invested stake

  •  Strong equity sponsors

  •  Clear exit potential

What We Don't Like

  •  Property (exclusively)

  •  Heavily cyclical or commodity related industries

  •  Alcohol tobacco & firearms

  •  Highly regulated / licensed industries

  •  Start-ups

  •  High tech

  •  High operating leverage

What We Like
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