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Europe’s driving forces gathered at the first edition of “Growing Together” in Athens on April 4th

Conceived as a gathering of Europe’s driving forces (entrepreneurs, investment funds, development banks and European institutions), “#GrowingTogether” is an initiative co-organized by #Bpifrance, the French public Investment Bank, the Hellenic Development Bank (#HDB) and the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments (#HDBI).

A cooperation protocol aimed at increasing European growth capital funds’ capacity to provide late-stage funding to EU-based innovative companies was signed between the #HellenicDevelopmentBankofInvestments (Greece), #Bpifrance (France), #KfWCapital (Germany), #Tesi (Finland), and #Vækstfonden (Denmark). Over the next 3 to 5 years €3.3 billion will be mobilized as part of this agreement, fostering Europe to take lead in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Elbridge Capital feels honoured to have been invited in such a great milestone for our growing entrepreneurial European ecosystem.

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